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300 Portable Power Station
300 Portable Power Station
Model:Portable Power Station

ExtantPower 300Wh Portable Power Station | 300W 268.8Wh



  • The Portable Power Station features long-life LFP(LiFePO4) batteries and an advanced battery management system.
  • The Multipurpose Outdoor Power Supply is a portable battery with concurrently charge and discharge capabilities, an LED display, AC and DC outlets, USB ports, a Type-C port, and a cigarette lighter socket. It also comes with an LED light.
  • The Portable Charger Station provides four ways to charge.
  • The portable charging station has a built-in rapid charging motherboard and an AC/DC/BMS integrated design on the inside. This design reduces failure rates and improves power supply quality over similar items on the market.
  • Certification: CE
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ExtantPower 300Wh portable lithium battery

The ExtantPower 300Wh Portable Power Station Lithium battery is a great way to keep your devices charged while on the go. This battery pack features a high capacity of 300Wh, making it perfect for long trips or extended use. Additionally, the lithium construction makes this battery pack incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. The 300Wh Portable Power Station Lithium battery is perfect for camping; tailgating, or anytime you need to be prepared for a power outage. With a 300-watt-hour capacity, this battery can power most small appliances for up to 8 hours.

300 Portable Power Station
Battery Capacity
Self-discharge Current

Safety Is Not Biased

High capacity High Capacity
Intelligent BMS System Intelligent BMS System
LED lighting available LED Lighting Available
liquid crystal display Liquid Crystal Display
Multi-device compatibility Multi-device Compatibility
300W Portable Power Station

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With enough power to charge your laptop, cell phone, and other small devices, this portable power station will keep you going for days.

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300W Portable Power Station for home

The ExtantPower 300Wh Portable Power Station is a great option for those who need a reliable power source. It is perfect for use during power outages, camping, or any other time when you need a portable power source.

  • icon_gou This power station features two AC outlets, two USB ports, and a 12V DC port.
  • icon_gou With a built-in solar panel, this power station can be recharged using solar power
  • icon_gou It has enough power to keep your devices charged for days.
  • icon_gou It has a whopping 300 watt-hours of power
  • icon_gou The unit is small and compact, yet it packs a punch when it comes to power output.
  • icon_gou Perfect for use as an emergency power source.
  • icon_gou It has a DoD of 100%
300Wh portable lithium battery

Easy installation, according the power storage needs and combine different batteries pack.


Battery Capacity 500Wh
Self-discharge Current ≤10uA


120Wmax(17V-35V), efficiency 98%


120Wmax(17V-35V), efficiency 98%
TYPE-C PD 5-20V, 60W
USB QC 3.0 5-12V 18W QC3.0
AC 110V or 220V
DC 5.5 port 12V, 5A
Auto Igniter 12V, 10A
LED 5-10W
Over-discharge Protection 12V±0.3
Over-charge Protection 16.8V±0.1
Discharge Temperature Protection 65°C
Charge Temperature Protection 45°C
Over Current Protection 60A(<1S)
Short Circuit Protection 300A(<2mS)
Weight 5.5KG
Size 200*176*160mm
Color Silver, Black, Grey
Other Capacity 1000Wh is expected to launch soon!

Company Profile

The ExtantPower 300Wh Portable Power Station is a great addition to any home or office.

With its built-in solar panel, the unit can be charged via an AC outlet or 12V car charger.

Additionally, the power station features two USB ports, one for charging phones and other devices, and the other for powering a laptop.

300Wh Portable Power Station Lithium Battery is perfect for outdoors and in emergencies.

Portable Power Station lithium battery is lightweight, compact, and easy to use.

It has a long run time and can charge multiple devices at once.

After realizing that the majority of already manufactured batteries are not maintenance-friendly, Extant Power set out to become a new energy battery producer and provider. Therefore, it is likely that both large-scale and small-scale battery energy users in the future will experience needless battery waste and an unpredictable supply of crucial energy. Extant Power foresaw changes in the future and had the concept to create sustainable battery packs that were not only repairable but also recyclable and upgradeable. More importantly, Extant Power is aware of the ongoing global initiatives aimed at reducing carbon footprints and reaping the rewards of switching to renewable energy.

It is also reasonably priced.


1. Can 00 charge and discharge at the same time?
The answer to this question is technically yes, but it is not recommended. Doing so could cause damage to your battery. When charging and discharging at the same time, the battery will work harder and overheat, which could shorten its lifespan.
2. What's the water-resistance rating for this product?
It is not water resistant, therefore it should be kept away from liquids.
3. Is it possible to replace the built-in battery
Yes, it is possible, but for this, you need to contact us immediately so we can fix the battery .
4. How long will my battery last?
A battery's lifespan varies greatly depending on how it is used, how it is maintained and charged, temperature, and other factors.
5. How do I purchase your goods?
Please contact us via our corporate e-mail (Info@ExtantPower.com) or post a query through our website.
6. How long does the waiting time take?
It takes 15-30 days for samples and 45 days for mass production.
7. How can I get a sample from you?
We can ship you by express, such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS, after you pay.
8. How about the Quality Control?
We have ISO 9001 certification, and all of our products are made in accordance with national standards. Our QC department will undertake 3-5 quality checks prior to delivery.
9. How to install the goods?
We can email you an installation video, or our specialists can install it for you.
10. How about the after-sales service?
We can provide free replacement components or replace them all across the warranty term.
11. Can you provide R&D service?
When looking for a dependable partner to assist you in the creation of your unique product, use our professionals to reduce development risks and provide a high-quality product faster.

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