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About Extant Power

Extant Power is a reputed and continually growing professional new energy battery designer and manufacturer serving the industry in both Europe and the United States. Our core experience is based on years of extensive research and investment in the energy storage field that has resulted in the design and manufacture of sustainable new energy batteries. Our wide range of products and accessories extends from Lithium-ion batteries to battery operated power systems, chargers, and inverters that can be used in multiple professional applications in the clean energy industry.

Extant Power’s journey as a new energy battery manufacturer and supplier began following the realization that most of the currently produced batteries are not designed to be maintained. As a result, future large- and small-scale users of battery energy are likely to face unnecessary battery waste as well as an unstable supply of much-needed energy. Extant Power anticipated the future changes and came up with the idea of designing sustainable battery packs that would not only be serviceable but also recyclable and upgradable. More importantly, Extant Power is conscious of the continually advancing global campaigns regarding the minimization of the carbon footprint and the rewarding benefits of transitioning to renewable energy. We felt that there was a need to be involved in the acceleration of the transition towards a decarbonised future.

As an active stakeholder in the new energy battery industry through the manufacture and supply of high quality battery cells that encourage energy sustainability, Extant Power takes pride in offering viable solutions to customers with high energy demands. We understand that the sustainability of the electric grid worldwide requires extensive resources and massive infrastructure investment. As a result, we take pride in being among the modern-day manufacturers who recognize that high-power generation and storage is faster, smarter, and more cost-effective when compared to the cheaper infrastructure options available. Our products are not only safe and economical but also extremely reliable, with a guaranteed impossibility of polluting the environment. More importantly, we are a team of deeply inspired and motivated doers that are committed to creating a more sustainable and better world.

Mission Statement

To accelerate and facilitate the global transition to cleaner energy usage by designing and manufacturing sustainable energy storage technology that is affordable and accessible to all.

Vision Statement

To continually grow and become a world leader in the production and distribution of sustainable battery technology, transforming the world through positively impacting people’s lives.

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