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ExtantPower 5.12kWH Cute Home Solar Energy Storage Batteries

For people who want to reduce their carbon footprint but are unsure how to start, environmentally friendly batteries are a great option. Business owners and managers who want to save money, save the environment, and take care of their employees will benefit from investing in these products.

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5.12kWH Cute Home Solar

Power Storage Brick

ExtantPower 15.36kWH High Safety Household ESS Solution

The ExtantPower 15.36kWH High Safety Household ESS Solution Energy brick is the newest type of solar energy storage system, which will provide a safe and efficient way to store the energy generated from your solar panels.

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15.36kWH High Safety Household ESS Solution Renewable Energy Solar Battery

Power Storage Brick

12.58kWH High Safety Household ESS Solution Renewable Energy Solar Battery

The 12.58kWH Smart ESS Battery Energy Storage System is a high-quality, affordable battery storage system that can be used in a variety of settings.

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15.36kWH High Safety Household ESS Solution Renewable Energy Solar Battery

Power Storage Brick

ExtantPower 12.2Kwh Family Residential Solar Energy Battery

The Power SUN 12.2Kwh Family Residential Solar Energy Battery is a new solar energy storage system. The Power SUN 12.2Kwh Family Residential Solar Energy Battery is an advancement in technology that allows for a solar battery to be plugged directly into your home's electrical service. You can save up to $5000 on electricity by installing this renewable source, saving you money in the long run, and lowering carbon emissions by reducing your home's electricity usage.

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12.2Kwh Family Residential Energy Storage System Solar Energy Battery

Power Storage Brick

Store Solar Clean Energy Smart ESS 18.4Kwh Home Storage

Store Solar Clean Energy Smart ESS 18.4Kwh Home Storage is a new solar energy storage system that combines the solar panel and the energy storage component into one unit, which makes it easy to install. The energy storage component can be connected with any outlet in your house. You can charge various devices or power different rooms of your house throughout the day with the energy stored in this device.

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Store Solar Clean Energy Smart ESS 18.4Kwh Home Energy Storage System

Power Storage Brick

Lifepo4 Battery 5kwh 7Kwh Home Power Storage Battery

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Lifepo4 Battery 5kwh 7Kwh 10Kwh 12Kwh 15KWh 18Kwh Home Power Storage Solar Wind Power System Power Brick Battery

ExtantPower offers some of the handiest power storage bricks. We offer a range of solar power storage units or bricks. The capacity to generate one’s own solar power during the day is a key benefit, which makes these bricks environmentally friendly home solar energy storage batteries. Then, you may save power in an on-site battery and use it to power your home at night or during grid outages. The solar battery system guarantees that all of the renewable energy produced is consumed on-site and none is sent back to the grid, which significantly increases your autonomy from your utility and lowers your monthly electric expenses.

It’s not just a factory, it’s a branded supplier of commercial solar generators and home energy storage. From project evaluation, design, budget control, product solutions, drawings, production, testing​​​, shipment and after-sales service, ExtantPower is always ready to serve our customers.

We do 100% export and CE, ROHS, CCC, FCC and other certifications for different markets. Our overseas offices are located in France, Germany, UK, New Zealand, Chile, Indonesia, etc. You can enjoy local services as needed or deal directly with our factories.

Our products: Power Storage Brick (5.12kWH Cute Home Solar Energy Storage Batteries, 15.36kWH High Safety Household ESS Solution, 12.58kWH Smart ESS Battery Energy Storage System, 12.2Kwh Family Residential Solar Energy Battery, Store Solar Clean Energy Smart ESS 18.4Kwh Home Storage, Lifepo4 Battery 5kwh 7Kwh Home Power Storage Battery,


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Now, what exactly is meant by the term “power storage”?

Battery power storage unit technologies provide a significant boost to the rate at which the shift away from fossil fuels and toward renewable energy sources may be accomplished. Battery storage solutions are going to become more significant intermediates as the gap between the availability of renewable energy sources and the demand for electricity continues to increase.

Utilizing batteries or battery energy storage systems allows for the storage of energy generated from renewable sources such as solar and wind, which may subsequently be provided to the grid during times of high demand.

In large-scale plants that help electrical networks secure a reliable supply of renewable energy, lithium-ion batteries, the kind that are found in mobile phones and electric cars, are now the leading storage technology. This is because lithium-ion batteries can hold a charge for a longer period of time than other types of batteries.

Battery storage as well as its Benefits

Battery storage technology comes into play to keep homes and businesses functioning on renewable energy even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing as strongly as it normally would.

Every day, electrical engineers throughout the world are tasked with the difficult task of striking a balance between supply and demand. It will be more difficult to control these peaks and troughs as a result of the loss of fossil fuel plants, which in the past have historically functioned as a backup to deliver a regular and stable supply of electricity.

It is said that “Storage promotes the higher renewable generation, both from an operational and reliability point of view.” This is also an important component of the continuing development and transition to renewable energy sources that our utility customers are going through. The use of energy storage in future solar installations could be quite beneficial.

The functioning of a battery storage system is broken down into its component parts.

The batteries that you may find in your kitchen drawer or that are used in the toys that your children play with are not quite as advanced as the batteries that are used in today’s battery energy storage systems. It is possible to charge batteries by using electricity generated from renewable sources such as wind or solar energy.

The software of intelligent batteries includes algorithms that coordinate the production of energy, and computerized control systems decide whether or not the energy should be stored for later use as reserves or whether or not it should be fed back into the grid. The battery storage technology releases energy at peak demand, guaranteeing that electricity continues to flow while keeping costs from skyrocketing to unsustainable levels.

Although the emphasis of this article is on large-scale battery storage systems, the ideas presented here are also applicable to the storage of energy at homes.

Kinds of renewable energy storage technologies subject to research efforts at this time

The storage of renewable energy necessitates the development of low-cost technologies that have long lifespans (thousands of charging and discharging cycles), safety, and the capacity to store sufficient amounts of energy at an affordable price to satisfy demand.

Researchers are now working on a wide array of battery storage technologies, despite the fact that batteries are currently the most cost-effective alternative for the storage of energy. Take, for instance:

The excess energy is put to use by compressing air and storing it in gigantic chambers, which are also the location of the system itself. When it is necessary to utilize this resource, the air is first compressed and then released before being allowed to pass through a turbine where it is used to generate energy.

One example of a mechanical gravity energy storage system is the process of employing energy to raise a tower that is constructed out of concrete blocks. The concrete blocks are lifted into storage until the point at which they are required to create power by falling while being subjected to the force of gravity.

Flow batteries, which are essentially rechargeable fuel cells, get their chemical energy from two chemical components that are dissolved in liquids that are already included within the system and that are then separated by a membrane.

It was said, “the next decade will be critical for energy storage in general and for batteries in particular.”, and “The next decade will be important for both.” During this time period, batteries and other forms of technology will be put to a significant test.

Batteries that store energy has several desirable characteristics

There are three key reasons why you should give serious consideration to purchasing a battery to generate electricity: in the event of a crisis, in order to save money, and in order to make the most of the capabilities of your solar power to self-supply. There are a great many more ways in which you and the planet as a whole can benefit from energy storage, in addition to the ones that have been mentioned above, which are all fantastic arguments in favor of putting a storage unit in your house or business. The following is a list of some of the benefits of energy storage backup systems, broken down into those that are advantageous to individual users and those that are advantageous to the power system and society in general.

The storage of energy has a number of opportunities for improvement, not only in residential but also in commercial construction. In this section, we will go over the four primary benefits of energy storage: increased grid capabilities, decreased costs, increased reliability, and integration of renewable energy sources.

Having the ability to store energy is necessary for maintaining steady power

In the energy industry, the ability to keep the lights on in the face of hardship, such as a severe storm or the failure of a utility, is referred to as “resiliency.” In other words, the ability to keep the lights on in the face of adversity. Energy storage is used specifically for the purpose of providing backup power. When solar panels are paired with energy storage, it is possible for power to be maintained even in the event that the grid fails. The redundancy that energy storage systems provide is the primary motivation for the majority of modern building and house owners to install them.

There are significant financial upsides associated with energy storage

In today’s world, energy storage is often built by people with the intention of supplying backup power in the event of a power outage; nevertheless, there are circumstances in which the storage system itself may be profitable. If you are subject to demand charges or are on a tariff based on the amount of time you consume the energy, storing can help you save money.

You can save money on your electricity bill by drawing power from your battery during the times of the day when you would normally be charged more by the grid. In addition, if you don’t have access to one-to-one net metering, energy storage can help you make the most of the savings you gain from solar by allowing you to use more of the solar energy you create on-site. This can help you make the most of the savings you gain from solar, which can help you make the most of the savings you gain from solar.

The integration of renewable energy sources is made easier by energy storage

The ability to store energy has many benefits, one of which is that it makes it easier to incorporate renewable energy sources into the electrical system. It makes the creation of sustainable energy solutions that complement one another easier. The procedure is as follows:

The biggest criticism leveled about renewable energy sources is that they produce an inconsistent amount of power. In contrast to power plants that run on fossil fuels and can be brought online on an as-needed basis to meet demand, renewable energy resources like solar panels and wind turbines are only productive when the weather conditions are favorable. As more and more renewable power facilities are built, there will be a higher demand for improved ability to synchronize the production of these facilities with the requirements of consumers.

The capacity to store energy can be helpful in this regard. When renewable energy sources are combined with energy storage, this results in the energy being “dispatchable,” which means it is ready for use anytime it is required. Therefore, thanks to the development of energy storage, renewable sources of power such as wind and solar can perform comparably to traditional power plants while simultaneously lowering or completely eliminating emissions.

Putting this kind of power into storage offers the grid a number of important advantages

The advantages of energy storage allow renewable energy sources, once integrated into the grid, to be used in a manner that is more economically viable. The majority of the services that are necessary to sustain the dependability of our electrical grid can be provided by energy storage systems.

The frequency of the electrical grid is set at fifty hertz as the standard. To put it more plainly, if the frequency is off by more than a few tenths of a hertz, say 0.5 hertz, then power outages will start occurring all over the place. This is because the electrical grid is extremely sensitive to small changes in frequency. These days, frequency management and maintenance are both handled by a diverse array of cutting-edge instruments. Technologies like solar energy systems for storage have the potential to provide frequency support, hence reducing the demand for grid resources that are fueled by fossil fuels.

Nevertheless, energy storage has the potential to play a far larger role than it now does. This might include the provision of reserves, the capability to start from a blackout, and the ability to quickly inject energy onto the grid in the event of an emergency. As a result, energy storage is an extremely versatile and valuable resource that has the potential to make a substantial contribution to the accomplishments of the grid.

The storage batteries make up a sustainable system that is environment friendly

Because of the many good effects that it has on the surrounding environment, energy storage power stations have the potential to be an efficient approach to accomplishing sustainability goals. Increasing the dependability of the electrical system is one of the primary benefits of storage, which in turn helps to ease the general shift to renewable energy. On a more local level, an energy storage system does not contribute to air pollution and, as a result, it is permissible to position it anyplace inside a building.

The brick shape of our power storage batteries

The brick shape of our batteries is not only aesthetically pleasing but also quite handy. It serves the intended purpose well while maintaining its sleek look of it. apart from that, it has various benefits varying for each new version introduced. This development in the field of solar energy storage can provide a dependable and space-saving method of storing the power generated by your solar panels for use at a later time. This can help you save both time and money.


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