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1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator

1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator



  • Li-Ion Battery Size: L 292 * W 202 * H 194
  • Normal Voltage (V): 3.7V 270000mAh / 999Wh
  • Discharge and Voltage (V): AC output :110 V / 60 Hz ±10% / QC3.0--5.0V / C-type---5V~20V / Cigarette lighter :14V/8A
  • Max discharge Current (A): Lithium Battery Max discharge Current -- PV input Max 8A / DC5525 cigarette lighter output 13A
  • Model: MP1000
  • MOQ: 2
  • Payment: TT, PAYPAL, L/C
  • Delivery time: 15~35 DAYS
  • Port of shipment: YANTIAN
  • Certification: IEC62619, UN38.3
  • Nominal Capacity (Ah): Home use Lithium Battery Capacity
  • Dimensions(mm): 292L * 202W * 194 H (mm)
  • Weight (Kgs): LiFePO4 LIthium Battery Net Weight 6kgs
  • Resistance (m Ω): Lithium Battery Resistance less than 40mΩ
  • Cycle Life (DOD 80%): 3000 cycles as Li-Ion Battery Cycle Life
  • Charging Voltage (V): LiFePO4 Cell Charging Voltage 12-26V
  • Price: Get Latest Price

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1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator

A portable power supply solar generator is a great way to have backup power during a power outage or if you need to power something in an area where there is no electricity. For outdoor camping excursions, backyard gatherings, or emergency on-the-go electricity, a Portable Power MP1000 is ideal. A laptop can receive up to eight charges from the Lifepo4 lithium-ion battery, which also has a 1,000-watt-hour storage capacity, while portable appliances like pellet barbecues, TVs, and refrigerators may operate for up to ten hours. A powerful three hundred-watt, one hundred twenty volt ac inverter and a 60-watt USB C PD for fast charging are among the many ports available on the MP1000, which weighs twelve and nine pounds and can power a variety of gadgets.

1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator
3.7V 270kmAh/999Wh
Normal Voltage
QC 3.0/18W
Battery Capacity
AC Output Voltage
Rated Cell Voltage

Safety Is Not Biased

High capacity High Capacity
Intelligent BMS System Intelligent BMS System
LED lighting available LED Lighting Available
liquid crystal display Liquid Crystal Display
Multi-device compatibility Multi-device Compatibility
1000W Portable Power Supply Solar Generator

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A portable solar power supply can be used to power lights, appliances, and other devices in the event of a power outage.

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A portable power supply is a great addition to your solar generator. It can allow you to keep your devices charged while on the go.

  • icon_gou With a portable power supply, you can keep your phone, tablet, or laptop charged while away from home.
  • icon_gou With a 1000-watt hour battery, it can provide enough power to run small appliances or charge your devices for days.
  • icon_gou It supportS 100% depth of discharge
  • icon_gou Great way to have an eco-friendly and reliable source of power for your home or business
  • icon_gou The unit is designed to provide clean, quiet, and reliable power for camping, RVing, tailgating, boating, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities
  • icon_gou It can also be used as a backup power source for camping or tailgating.
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Easy installation, according the power storage needs and combine different batteries pack.


Product Name  EXTANTPOWER 1000Wh Portable Power Station | Solar Generator
Battery Capacity 3.7V   270000mAh  /   999Wh
Material Lithium-Ion Battery Pack + Aluminum Alloy Housing
Function Solar Generator for Outdoors, Camping, Fishing, Emergency, CPAP Battery Power Supply
Output Port AC(110v220v, 300w), USB(QC3.0、Type-C:PD60W), DC(DC5525 :14V/8A), Cigarette lighter (14v/8A)
AC Output Voltage 110V/220V
Sine Wave Type AC Pure Sine Wave
Charging Input Wall Outlet (Adapter), Car Outlet, Solar Panel(MPPT mode), 10W Wireless Charging Mode
Protection Over charge and discharge, over temperature, over current, short-circuit protection
LED 3W SOS function
Rated Cell voltage 22.2V
Cell capacity 3.7V   270000mAh  /   999Wh

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1. Is this a good portable generator for camping?
Yes! Because of its low RPMs, this portable generator is ideal for camping because it will not annoy anybody else with loud noises or vibrations. It also includes handles on top, making it easy to transport anywhere you go!
2. What exactly is the distinction between a portable power supply and a generator?
A portable power supply is a device that stores energy and can be used to provide power to devices that require electrical energy. A generator is a machine that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.
3.What is a solar generator?
The solar generator is a great addition to any home as it can provide you with clean and renewable energy. It is an investment that will pay for itself over time, and it is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. The solar generator is also a great backup power source in case of an emergency.
4. How long will my battery last?
Portable solar generators have a lifespan of about 10 years. However, the battery life will vary depending on how often it is used. If the generator is used regularly, the battery will need to be replaced every 2-3 years. Additionally, the solar panels will need to be replaced every 5-10 years.
5. What are the features of portable solar generators?
There are many features of portable solar generators that make them a great option for powering up your home. Portable solar generators are an easy and convenient way to get power when and where you need it. Whether you're camping, tailgating, or dealing with an emergency power outage, a portable solar generator can provide the power you need to stay safe and connected
6. How does a portable solar generator work?
A portable solar generator is a device that converts sunlight into electrical energy that can be stored in batteries and used to power electronic devices and appliances.
7. How do I purchase your goods?
Please contact us at our official e-mail (mike@extantpower-battery.com) or submit an inquiry through our website.
8. How about the Quality Control?
Our ISO 9001 Certificates attest to the fact that all items are produced in compliance with national standards, and that our QC department personnel will do three to five quality inspections prior to delivery.
9. What is the purpose of solar generator?
A portable solar generator is a device that uses sunlight to generate electrical power. These generators are usually used in remote locations where there is no access to the grid, or as a backup power source in case of a power outage
10. Can you provide R&D service?

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