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10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy

ExtantPower 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy



  • Li-Ion Battery Size: L 485mm*W 650mm*D 200mm
  • Normal Voltage (V): Lithium battery nominal Voltage
  • Discharge and Voltage (V): lithium cell discharge and voltage
  • Max discharge Current (A): Lithium Battery Max discharge Current
  • Model: U-4860-O
  • MOQ: 1
  • Payment: TT , PAYPAL, L/C
  • Delivery time: 15~35 DAYS
  • Port of shipment: YANTIAN
  • Certification: IEC62619, UN38.3
  • Nominal Capacity (Ah): Home use Lithium Battery Capacity
  • Dimensions(mm): Lithium Battery Dimensions (mm)
  • Weight (Kgs): LiFePO4 LIthium Battery Weight
  • Resistance (m Ω): Lithium Battery Resistance
  • Cycle Life (DOD 80%): Li-Ion Battery Cycle Life
  • Charging Voltage (V): LiFePO4 Cell Charging Voltage
  • Price: Get Latest Price

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ExtantPower 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy

The Mount Storage Lithium Battery is a brand-new type of mobile energy storage device that employs lithium iron phosphate batteries to supply backup power for domestic usage. There are 2.4 kwh, 4.8 kwh, 7.2 kwh, and 9.6 kwh included, and the standard capacities are 50 A, 100 A, 150 A, and 200 A. The main component is the Lifepo4 Battery Pack. The main monitor continuously monitors and manages the system. In addition to performing parameter setting, information querying, and parameter calibration, it has a wi-fi feature that connects to a phone. Mount Storage Lithium Battery concentrates on the layout of four dimensions: high energy density, high efficiency manufacturing technology, long life technology, and low internal resistance technology. Power banks and home power storage are both compatible with ExtantPower Power wall.

10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
UFO 10kwh Lithium Battery Wall Mount Home Energy
Normal Voltage
Discharge and Voltage
Max Discharge Rate
Max Charge Rate

Safety Is Not Biased

10-year design life 10-year Design Life
Compatible with all brands of inverters Compatible with All Brands of Inverters
High Density Space Saving High Density Space Saving
Intelligent BMS System Intelligent BMS System
Multi-device compatibility Multi-device Compatibility
The first with an LCD touchscreen The First with an LCD Touchscreen
10kwh Lithium Battery Wall

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You can store grid or solar energy, use it anytime you need to power your house, and then recharge it when the sun rises or the grid comes back online.

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battery bracket 1
DC Cable with Anderson connector
Rs232 PC communication cable

Green power systems are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and help protect the environment. There are many benefits to using green power.

  • icon_gou The battery module partially isolates to keep the system running.
  • icon_gou The system is composed of an electromagnetic coil that is placed inside a turbine.
  • icon_gou DoD is off 100%
  • icon_gou They are a great way to save money on your energy bills.
  • icon_gou They are also much better for the environment than traditional power sources.
  • icon_gou Help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and meet our future energy needs.
  • icon_gou Safe, sustainable, and clean, making them the best option for generating electricity.
Life po4

Easy installation, according the power storage needs and combine different batteries pack.


4.8Kwh 7.2Kwh 9.6Kwh
Nominal Voltage [V] 48V
Capacity [Ah] 100Ah 150Ah 200Ah
Width [mm] 485
Height [mm] 650
Depth [mm] 200
Weight [Kg] 55 77 92
IP Level IP20
Voltage Window [V] 40.5~54
Charge Voltage [V] 54.0-54.8
VCharge-discharge Current[A] 100
Charge Mode CC-CV
Output Power [W] 5KW
Re-charge Time [h] 100A*1 Hour (Standard Charge)
Discharge Time up to Discharge Power
2h*[W] 2400 3600 4800
4h*[W] 1200 1800 2400
8h*[W] 600 900 1200
Life @25°C >10 Years
Cycle Life 600 Cyclese @25℃ 0.2C 80%DOD
Working Temperature -20°C~+60°C
Regular Transportation UN38.3
Temperature & Period for Storage6 Months @+25°C
3 Months @+35°C
1 Months @+45°C

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Our daily lives have relied on batteries for a very long time. We are known for providing high-quality batteries, including wall mounted batteries, and our products are supported by years of experience and in-depth industry knowledge. With the tireless efforts of our procurement agents and a wide network of vendors, we are able to meet even the most extensive client expectations within the allotted time limit.


1. What Are The Different Types of Rechargeable Battery Chemistries & Technologies?
Rechargeable batteries come in a variety of chemistries and technologies. The most common types are lead-acid, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal-hydride, and lithium-ion. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lead acid batteries are the oldest type of rechargeable battery.
2. How to connect a battery in Parallel?
Parallel batteries are used in 12-volt applications where higher currents are required, such as in a boat. Two or more batteries are connected in parallel by connecting the positive terminal of one battery to the positive terminal of the other battery, and doing the same for the negative terminals. This creates a larger current path, allowing more current to flow.
3. How to connect a battery in Series?
Connecting a battery in series means connecting the positive terminal of one battery to the negative terminal of another battery. This will cause the voltage of the two batteries to add together. When you connect a battery in series, the voltage of the two batteries will add together.
4. How long will my battery last?
The life of a battery is determined by how it is used, maintained, and charged, the temperature, and other factors.
5. How do I purchase your goods?
If you have any issues, please email us at (info@ExtantPower.com) or use our website's contact form.
6. How long is the lead time?
We will need 15-35 days for the samples, and 35-45 working days for mass production.
7. How can I get a sample from you?
We will deliver the products to you once you pay to utilize express delivery services such as FedEx, DHL, and UPS.
8. How about the Quality Control?
We produce all of our products in conformity with national standards and have ISO 9001 certificates; prior to delivery, our quality control department will undertake 3-5 quality checks.
9. How to install the goods?
We can offer you installation drawings or a video, install it for you, or work with your engineers to ensure a smooth transition.
10. How about the after-sales service?
We will supply replacement parts or replace them during the warranty term.
11. Can you provide R&D service?
Yes, we can give you the research and development services you require to help you improve your business. We can assist you in developing new goods as well as upgrading existing ones.

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