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2000W Portable Power Station
2000W Portable Power Station

2000W Portable Power Station | 2000W 2073.6Wh



  • 2000W/2073.6Wh:This 2000-watt high output, frequency compatible with 50/60Hz and automatic manual can be adjusted to support most countries worldwide. It has a superpower storage for emergencies, to deal with emergency power outages or natural disasters, camping, and car use.. : UA-1000Wh
  • Ultra-Fast Charging: EnerTurbo technology allows the device to charge from 0% to 80% in 90 minutes, and 2 hours for a full charge. The included AC cable allows for fast charging of the device, no need to carry a bulky AC adapter.
  • New Generation LFP: The 2000 adopts a new generation LFP (LiFePO4), which can achieve 3500 charge cycles. The new material's higher heat resistance allows it to operate safely at high discharge rates and prolongs battery life. The battery management system (BMS) monitors voltage, current, and temperature in real time, ensuring stable performance in a variety of charging and discharging environments.
  • Power it All: The power station is compatible with virtually all essential devices, including 3 AC outlets, one cigar outlet, 4 DC power supplies, 4 USB-A 3.0 fast-charging ports, 2 USB-C 100W fast charging ports, and one wireless charging.
  • 5 Years Warranty: ExtantPower provides a 5-year worry-free warranty, and friendly customer service.
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ExtantPower 2000Wh portable lithium battery

The best thing about the 2000W Portable Power Station is its portability. At only 10.6 pounds, it’s one of the lightest and most portable power stations on the market. It’s also one of the most powerful, with a 2000 watt output. Thanks to the industry-leading bi-directional inverter technology, EnerTurbo, ExtantPower NEO2000 can be charged to 100% in 2 hours using only one AC cable. It features two 110V AC outlets, two USB ports, and a 12V DC output.

2000W Portable Power Station
Battery Capacity
Self-discharge Current
500Wh, 300Wh

Safety Is Not Biased

High capacity High Capacity
Intelligent BMS System Intelligent BMS System
LED lighting available LED Lighting Available
liquid crystal display Liquid Crystal Display
Multi-device compatibility Multi-device Compatibility
Outdoor 2000W portable lithium battery

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It features a built-in solar panel, so you can keep your devices charged while on the go.

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2000W Solar Generator for home
2000W Solar Generator

The 2000W Portable Power Station is an all-in-one solution for your portable power needs. This station has enough power to keep your devices charged up and running for hours, and it even has a few extra features that make it even more convenient.

  • icon_gou 2000W Portable Power Station features two AC outlets, two USB ports, and one 12V DC output
  • icon_gou This unit provides 2000 watts of power
  • icon_gou Great way to reduce your carbon footprint
  • icon_gou The power station is incredibly lightweight and portable, making it perfect for taking with you on the go.
  • icon_gou Can be used to charge laptops, smartphones, and other devices.
  • icon_gou Povides clean, stable power for your electronics, tools, and appliances.
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2000W Portable Power Station

Easy installation, according the power storage needs and combine different batteries pack.


Battery Capacity 2000Wh
Self-discharge Current ≤10uA


120Wmax(17V-35V), efficiency 98%
Photovoltaic MPPT


120Wmax(17V-35V), efficiency 98%
TYPE-C PD 5-20V, 60W
USB QC 3.0 5-12V 18W QC3.0
AC 110V or 220V
Car Cigarette Lighter 12V, 10A
LED 5-10W
Over-discharge Protection 12V±0.3
Over-charge Protection 16.8V
Discharge Temperature Protection 65°C
Charge Temperature Protection 45°C
Over Current Protection 60A(<1S)
Short Circuit Protection 200A(<1mS)
Weight 8.5KG
Size 200*290*160mm
Color Silver, Black, Grey
Other Capacity 500Wh, 300Wh

Company Profile

The ExtantPower NEO2000 is a portable generator that provides 2000W/2073Wh of power. Whether you’re at home, in the garage, in the yard, in the office, camping outdoors or on the go, this generator can provide power for all your appliances and devices.


1. Support 99% of Home Appliances
The ExtantPower 2000 has a power of 2000 watts and a storage capacity of 1488Wh. Most household appliances and certain larger appliances, such as electric stoves and microwave ovens, can be powered by it.
2. Long Lasting Endurance
The ExtantPower 2000 portable power station is equipped with an enhanced lithium-iron-phosphate battery that has a cycle life of over 2500 cycles, which is 6 times that of standard lithium batteries. For usage in the house and in outdoor activities, its chemical and thermal stability enhances battery safety.
3. Multi Outputs, More Options
Two USB-A ports (2.1 amps each), two USB-C ports (5 amps each), two DC ports (4 amps each), one vehicle port, and three AC outlets (one at 2,000 watts, one at 4,000 watts, and one at peak) are all included in this power station (2.1 amps). The battery life of the ExtantPower 2000 is safeguarded by a circuit breaker, and it permits pass-through charging.
4. Fully Recharging Within 3.5 Hrs
ExtantPower 2000 employs innovative Multistage Pulse Width Modulation (MPWM) technology to ensure that its battery recharges as efficiently as possible. This solar power can be fully charged in 3.5 hours by four solar panels. It can also be fully recharged in 4 hours from two AC wall outlets or 15 hours from a 12V car port.
5. Eco-friendly Clean Power
The ExtantPower 2000 makes no unpleasant noises, requires no fuel or gasoline, and can protect you and your devices by providing over-voltage, over-current, and over-temperature protection.
6. Is it possible to use the unit while charging?
Yes, the ExtantPower NEO 2000 allows for pass-through powering. If the electricity consumption of the output source exceeds the charging power of the battery, the output is allocated to the external device, and the battery charge is delayed. This should only be done in an emergency since it could destroy your battery.
7. Is it possible to replace the built-in battery?
If you want to replace the built-in battery contact us via email or website.
8. What's the water-resistance rating for this product?
It should be kept away from water and fluids.
9. How to install the goods?
We can offer installation specs or video, or we can let our engineers install it for you.
10. Can you provide R&D service?
When seeking for a reliable partner to help you construct your custom product, let our professionals reduce development risks and deliver a high-quality product faster.

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